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Thanks for such a quick and helpful reply. I was impressed not only with your product, but with many of the customer comments on your website. It's rare to find a company that remembers what customer service means and continues to "walk the walk and talk the talk".


I would like to comment on what a quality product you produce. I was impressed at the quality of the medallions purchased. They appear very durable, and the stainless steel is beautiful. I am a Volunteer Firefighter - EMT in Lycoming County.


I received my Greek Cross in record time. I am very satisfied and can only say that your product and service are way above average. I will be sure to spread the word!


I just want to say thank you so much for the replacement Mezuzah pendant for which you did not charge me. You are a true American business person with excellent customer service. I am not in the military but consider myself a Patriot and like purchase and wear American-made products to show my support with our country and our Troops.Your pendant designs are clean, simple, and striking, yet well defined, durable, and lovely, all at the same time. Thanks again and G-D bless!


I just want to say thank you. I serve as chaplain for both the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 298 and American Legion Riders Post 298 in Marion Iowa and recently purchased your cross pendant (NSN 9925-01-544-7782) at a local military surplus store. It is plain and simple, the most beautiful pendant. Thank you for making your GI Jewelry available to the general public.


I recently purchased one of your Buddhist Wheel pendants and am writing to express my deep satisfaction with the product. Much Buddhist jewelry is (perhaps strangely) expensive, gaudy, or ostentatious, which seems to detract from the purpose. Your item, however, is utilitarian, clean-lined, and impressively solid. Thank you for a useful, quality item I can wear and recommend to others with confidence.


I was issued your Crescent Moon pendant by our Army Chaplain, and I wore it in Iraq and I still wear it every day. Very nice item. Great quality. Since my first one, I have acquired a few more Crescent Moon & Star pendants as well for my family members.Outstanding!

F. - US Army, Texas

I just wanted to say your pendants are great. My son and I wear the 1*. I just gave mine to a friend of his and am ordering another for myself before my son deploys to Iraq. I'm actually getting 2 of them so I have a "spare" for a friend or family member missing him & wanting to feel a little closer. It's weird but it really does help when he's so far away.


Thanks for a solid quality cross. I've had reactions to the skin from most metal necklaces against my skin in the past. But your jewelery does'nt affect me. Today I just received my second cross that you made through the USCav store. My first one I put inside my sisters coffin last summer. It sure means alot to me all the way around. I appreciate your high standards.


Thank you for the wonderful Humanist pendant. Not only do you offer high quality products for a diverse range of belief systems, but your company is very speedy in its delivery. Keep up the good work!


Hi! I'm a Messianic Gentile from Nashville, TN. Recently, I bought a Chai pendant... woah. The quality is amazing. I plan on getting a Menorah pendant soon. Thanks for the amazing work ya'll do.


I received two ball chains this morning in a package from you and can't tell you enough how much that means to me. In this sometimes greedy, cold, selfish world that we live in to find someone to take the time, at their expense, to send me replacement chains so we can wear our Stars just is unbelievable. And, I want to thank you and tell you that you contributed a piece of hope today to the world and to me.


Just received the Cross today and it's great. It cost about half of what my other Orthodox Cross cost and this one from you is definitely better quality work. I like it a lot. If anyone I know is interested in buying great quality religious necklaces that are affordable I'll be sure to send them your way.


I would just like to start off to say that you worked with me a couple weeks ago on trying to get an Orthodox Cross to my cousin before he left, and I must say I have never had anything delivered so quickly.

Also I screwed up on the shipping, and you refunded me the money that I would have never noticed that I paid for. Plus your product is probably one of the best looking and most well built pieces of jewelry I've seen.


I just wanted to thank you, for replying and to tell you how pleased I am with my product, and with your business. The gift was as special as I hoped it would be, and for that I wanted to just send a personal thank you. I appreciate how proficient GI JEWELRY was with my order.

My fiance loved it, and I couldn't be happier. The gift arrived just in time, because he leaves for boot camp Monday for the Air Force. It is the only thing he is allowed to take with him, that has sentimental value. I will definately do business with GI JEWELRY again and will recommend you all to many people. Thank you again.


You are to be commended for your very simple yet meaningful issue items. Like so many of your other customers, I shy away from precious metals because they call attention unto themselves rather than the meaning of the symbol. My dog tags have carried two tags and a P-38 can opener I received when I enlisted in the military in 1976.

These items (which I still wear on deployments) are now accompanied with your Cross. My fellow military and civil service workers have so admired the Cross's simplicity that we now have an official unit ceremony in which each deploying individual is presented a p-38 can opener and a religious symbol of their choosing (from your company) to wear on his or her dog tag chain as a symbol of our appreciation for their service and their dedication to bringing peace to a somewhat unsettled world. Thank you for your great product. All I can say is, it's about time something this good finally comes along! And you've done it! WELL DONE!


THANK YOU so much for all the consideration that you've shown and all the time you've spent for such a small order! You have great products and a superb Customer Service attitude!

Every time someone sees my Cross from you I end up either buying one for them or directing them to your web site or eBay page.
When I originally searched the Internet  for a Cross to wear I literally viewed hundreds. I selected yours over numerous gold & silver ones that I could have purchased.
The simplicity and the stainless steel of your Cross to me is much more representative of the nature of Christ & His ministry.
Your Christian Cross is a perfect, ideal example of the jewelry appropriate for Christian wear.
Thank You again for the wonderful treatment, excellent service and superb jewelry! I'll be looking forward to receiving my order and I'll be back again.
God Bless you, your family and your company!


I just received my Cross and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. I'm not a lover of precious metals and gawdy jewelry and this is just what I was looking for. It makes a statement and I can leave it on in the shower, pool, beach, etc. without worry about tarnishing. It's clean and yet it makes a statement and it's very handsome. It looks great with a t-shirt or a dress shirt and I have received compliments already!

I will surely pass the news around about your great jewelry and superior service.


I purchased the Christian Cross made by your company. I was so pleased with the weight, appearance and quality of workmanship I have purchased others for relatives. I actually prefer your product over the more costly sterling silver ones on the retail market.

Its also nice to know that my cross was made in the Good Ole USA.


I have received this Tuesday the 2 Chai. I thank you so much for your excellent service. I have never been so much well-served. You can count on me to refer your great products to my friends and other people I know. Thank you again.


I have now placed two orders with GI Jewelry. Their pendants are well made and nicely finished…much nicer than similar pendants sold in jewelry stores at higher prices. Customer service and assistance is well above average, and delivery is prompt and secure. I highly recommend GI Jewelry and their products.


Just got my crosses. I am REALLY pleased with the quality! They're exactly what I wanted. And made in the good ol' USA too!


Thanks for getting back to me soooo fast. It is not easy finding jewelry for a 17 year old that is not too ornate.Your Hamsa was exactly what he was looking for, simple and to the point.


I'm so pleased with the Orthodox cross I ordered and with the speed with which it arrived! The cross is actually for my husband, who wanted a St. Andrew's (three-bar) cross that had substance to it and was manly enough for him to wear. (So many crosses we saw elsewhere were either too small or too frou-frou.) Your Orthodox cross is a homerun! I'm so glad I came across your company on eBay!


I just got my Cross necklace today...i wouldve had it like 3 months ago when i went to major surplus and survival store..but i didnt have enough money..but i think the 12 bucks were worth it.i like how its not all fancy.. its simple, nice and a great way to express my faith..ill keep it in mind for future presents.


I just bought a "Star of David" from overseas that was produced by your company. I had no idea you were in my backyard ( I'm in Ohio ). I had to write you to let you know that this is "THE" nicest item I've ever seen or owned of this type. I'm completely happy with it & will suggest you to others as well as making future purchases myself. Thank you for such a class item. Plain, yet bold, & ever so tasteful.


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