Plain - "LOW-FLEC" Finish

Our standard finish is designed to be brite, but not reflective. A special proprietary process is used which breaks up the surface into tens of thousands of individual polished pockets. When hit with a brite light, the surface diffuses the light instead reflecting it.


This is the 5 digit code which was assigned to us by the Defense Logistics Agency as an identifier of who we are and the Religious Jewelry we make.


This is the logo designed & used by Gary Paul Johnston...the original creator of the 1*.

We stamp this logo on the back of our 1* products so that you can rest assured, knowing that you're getting an officially licensed product made by GI JEWELRY.

NSN (National Stock Number)

An NSN is the 13 digit number used to identify an item of material in the supply distribution system of the Militarys' Defense Logistics Agency. It consists of a four digit Federal Supply Class (FSC) and a nine digit National Item Identification Number (NIIN).

For each of our products adopted by the Military, an NSN was assigned.The FSC of Religious Items is: 9925


Sometimes in production, we make a mistake... shown below are some interesting examples.